Nonesuch Gallery

The Nonesuch Dolls were specifically designed to be customizable. I wanted the possibilities to be endless while maintaining a unique style and point of view. Each doll is hand sewn from my own, original patterns. They are made out of wool felt, embroidery floss, and polyester fiber fill. I sometimes use acrylic paint for details. They are typically 4.75 inches (12cm) tall and have string jointed arms and legs which allows them to hold simple poses.

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Open Edition

Aldan the Horned Owl Alta the Brachiosaurus Champ the Plesiosaur Bygone the Dragon Dandy the Lion Dillon the Humpback Whale Eveyln the Unicorn Faolan the Wolf Fleta the Cheetah Grace the Doe Halyn the Platypus Hector the Buck Hima the Snow Leopard Hobs the Barn Owl Isbjorn the Polar Bear Jenski the Stagosaurus Jun the Asian Dragon Leroy the Ringtailed Lemur Lorna the Fruit Bat Meili the Panda Moana the Mermaid Munin the Elephant Norbert the Narwhal Ophelia the Snowy Owl Rafi the Giraffe Sasha the Lioness Silky the Gray Fox Soto the Monkey Sullivan the Turtle Taman the Tree Kangaroo Tototl the Quetzal Visola the Okapi Zenora the Zebra Zerda the Fennec Fox

Limited Edition / OOAK

Capricorn the Zodiac Star Sign Aquarius the Zodiac Star Sign Pisces the Zodiac Star Sign Clover the Easter Bunny Periwinkle the Easter Bunny Lavender the Easter Bunny Peony the Easter Bunny Daisy the Easter Bunny


Zazou the Quetzal Farthing the Miniature Horse Zeus the Dachshund Pilar the Yorkie Litter the Jackal Parkie the Snow Leopard Verril the Wolf Maia the Deer Medusa the Gorgon (Green) Medusa the Gorgon (Brown) Biscotti the Poodle Nyomi the Kitsune Cinnamon Bunz the Pugapus Pythias the Dragon