My name is Megan Baehr. I have a BFA in Cartooning & Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in NYC. I currently live in Southern Vermont with my super boyfriend, a crazy (yet lovable) cat, a laid-back corn snake, and the cutest tree frog who ever lived. My interests include storytelling, comic books, pre-history, cephalopods, mythology, and cryptozoology.

Much to my delight, the word people use most often to describe me is “enthusiastic.” I sincerely believe that being optimistic and passionate about what you do is the key to success. If you truly love what you do, other people are bound to love it, too.


Cute is not just for kids anymore! My mission is to create adorable works of art that will bring smiles to even the hardest of hearts and rekindle the imagination and wonder within us all. My work is not for children, but for our INNER children who have been lost and neglected for far too long.


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